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Client Testimonials


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Jacqueline Smith was recommended to me by a friend when I was faced with an unexpected and heartbreaking time: my wife of thirty years decided our marriage was over. Jacque, really took care of me. I felt heard, supported and most importantly protected. I was a babe in the woods in these matters and I felt that Jacque always kept my well-being first and foremost. Everything was taken care of. The last thing I needed during that time was being even further overwhelmed by all of the details of the settlement. I have unhesitatingly recommended her on several occasions to friends.


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I have and will continue to strongly recommend Jacqueline Smith as an attorney for anyone who comes to me with any family law issues. Jackie has always acted in an incredibly professional manner in some of the most trying circumstances. Throughout one of the most difficult processes, I have ever had the discomfort of going through Jackie was a shoulder to lean on during the battle and someone to laugh with when the dust settled. I am honored to have her as one of my most trusted and cherished friends.


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Jacqueline Smith is an exceptional attorney with her practice focused on family law. She handles her cases with professionalism and grace. I would (and have) highly recommend her for representation. Although the circumstances in which we met were not ideal, I truly appreciate all she has done for my husband and me and I am now honored to count her among my closest friends.