The firm provides services in both contested and uncontested divorces. A five-minute phone conference with Jacque will help you to determine whether an in-office consultation is necessary. Divorces can be granted as quickly as 61 days after filing or take as long as a year, depending upon the circumstances. Cases are resolved through agreements, mediation, collaboratively, by arbitration or through litigation. Lawyers have different styles in managing their cases and interacting with their clients. It is essential that you find the “right” lawyer that matches your needs and desires.

Mediated Divorce Agreements:

Divorce agreements resolved through the mediation process offer the parties the opportunity to reach a “win-win” agreement for both sides. Through a series of negotiations and often times compromises, the parties reach an agreement that is comfortable and acceptable to them. A mediated divorce settlement also allows the parties to maintain some control over the resolution of their divorce matter rather than relegating the decision to a judge or jury. Jacqueline Smith is a certified mediator with extensive experience and a proven track record in the process. Although a mediated approach is not appropriated for every case, Jacque encourages the process whenever possible.